B.A.M. Vermeer Services, UAB
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Olandijos bendrovės B.A.M.Vermeer Services'' atstovybė Vilniuje
Bendrovėje dirba daugiau nei 40 profesionalių tarptautinių reisų vairuotojų.
Vairuotojai kasdien keliauja Prancūzijos, Olandijos, Belgijos, Vokietijos, Ispanijos bei Italijos teritorijoje. Mūsų transporto priemonės aprūpintos sudėtinga transporto sekimo sistema Transics, kuri leidžia atidžiai stebėti krovinio buvimo vietą. Visi mūsų vairuotojai turi reikiamą įrangą, ADR sertifikatus, o tai leidžia mums pasiūlyti platų paslaugų spektrą pervežant LTL ar SLR krovinius.

Darbo aprašymas

International (night) trips with box trailers between airports.Transported cargo is often high value, so driver has to be trained in speacial safety rules and respect all procedures.


Most used work schedules are 3 weeks at work and 1 week at home.

Shorter or longer periods are possible but yearly there should be not less then 36 weeks at work.

Travel to work: you will be picked up from your home location or at a meeting point in your area and you will be brought to the base where your truck is standing.

Travel to home: you will be picked up from base and be brought back home by the bus. Our buses are large enough to take your luggage and have airco and heating.


  • Driving license C+E + Code95
  • Digital tacho card
  • Clean background for Certificate of Good Conduct
  • ADR basic
  • Polish, English or German language
  • 5 year background.

Ką įmonė siūlo

Employment at the Polish company B.A.M. Vermeer Services Sp. z o.o.

Your salary will be build up from the following amounts:

  • Basic salary (includes average of additions)  of 2.134,- zloty netto per month (2.667,- zloty bruto)
  • Delegation of 15,- euro per day + 10,- euro per day extra for DE, FR and AT
  • Delegation of 37,- euro per night
  • Bonus for loyalty of 1,- euro per day  for each full working year will be added (until a max 5 years)
  • Efficiency bonus of 8,- euro per day when percentage of working hours is under 20%  will be added
  • Bonus regarding fuel consumption and good performance
  • Additions to salary for DE, FR, UK and AT
  • Option to join group insurance
  • Monthly payment in euro’s, till 10thday of the month.

For 21 days the average salary is 1.889,- euro

For 31 days the average salary is 2.565,- euro


Further information

Specification of truck:

  • Mercedes-Benz Actros with fridge
  • 220V socket and microwave (newest models)
  • Computer TX-MAX

Facilities at the base:

  • WiFi internet
  • Toilets + showers
  • Washing machine + dryer
  • Kitchen
  • Transportation to supermarket.

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