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Eastmen Human Resources B.V.
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Įmonės aprašymas

Eastmen yra olandų įmonė, įkurta 2007 metais (su NEN 4400-1 / NBBU CAO / SNF / VCU / DataChecker / Pay OK sertifikatais), kuri užsiima įdarbinimo ir įdarbinimo klausimais Nyderlanduose.
Mes įdarbiname, atrenkame ir samdome kvalifikuotus ir nekvalifikuotus techninius darbuotojus savo Olandijos partneriams ir klientams iš savo biurų Utrechte, Targu Mureše ir Budapešte.
Norėdami gauti daugiau informacijos apie mūsų sertifikatus, galite pasiekti nuorodą https://www.eastmen.ro/despre_noi/certificari/.
Pateikite paraišką DABAR ir vienas iš mūsų įdarbinimo agentų netrukus susisieks su jumis!
Our goal is to make working in The Netherlands as easy and pleasurable for you as possible. So we do much more than simply match you up with a great job. At Eastmen, we’re your entry point, your guide and your support system, all in one.
+40 365 630035

Darbo aprašymas

Are you an experienced welder and would like to develop your skills in a clean and modern environment in the Netherlands?
We invite you to learn more about our job offers.
We hire TIG welders and MIG/MAG welders with or without certification for our clients and partners in important Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Maastricht or Groningen.


  • Possibility to move to Holland
  • A citizen of a European Union country
  • Relevant experience as a TIG or MIG/MAG welder
  • Experience working according to technical drawings
  • Some customers require assembler experience
  • A welding certification would be nice, but not always necessary
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Category B driver's license

Ką įmonė siūlo

  • Our team offers you HELP and GUIDANCE, starting with choosing the right job for you, help with coming to the Netherlands (accommodation, registration documents) and then throughout the duration of our cooperation.
  • NETHERLANDS EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT regardless of the type of job you are looking for (temporary or carrier in the Netherlands)
  • We provide ACCOMMODATION (own room, internet connection and utilities). If you do not need the accommodation offered by us or you choose to move to another place, you will receive a housing allowance of 20 euros/working day net, for a maximum of 5 days/week.
  • You can rent a car with us, and we provide a FUEL CARD. If you use your own car, we give you a fuel discount of EUR 0.19/km for every kilometer that exceeds 10 km between your home and your workplace.
  • If the job requires a VCA certificate, we can help by paying for the exam
  • Weekly salary deposited into your account every Thursday
  • We do not charge any commission or origination fee.
    Send us your CV or contact us by phone to find out more about our vacancies and partner companies.
    Apply NOW and one of our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible!

1700-1800 (Atlyginimas prieš mokesčius)