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Daxxa Personnel
Operatorius (-ė)
For our client who is involved in mixing and packaging the diversity of products in the fields of liquids, tablets and powders, we are looking for Operators A
You are responsible for:
- Operating and regulating the various production lines / machines.
- Monitoring the quality, quantity and progress of the work in the production process.
- Identify deviations where necessary. - Registering production numbers and failure.
- Registration of production stops and a stop times.
- Building up and setting up in accordance with the work requirements of the machines and installations.
- Checking necessary inputs and raw materials in accordance with work requirements.
- Responsible for executing product switches.
- Ensure correct implementation of weighing and checklists.
- Take care of samples and delivery to quality department.
- Cleaning of mixing and packaging equipment, materials and surroundings in the production cell.
- Responsible for complying with safety regulations and personal protective equipment on the production line.
- Providing work instructions to production staff regarding existing lines or products, including components as quality safety, environment, personal hygiene and personal safety.
- Ensure transfer of the work during shift change.
- MBO4 work and thinking level in a technical, chemical or logistics direction.
- At least 1-2 years of work experience in an Operator function.
- Proactive and positive working attitude.
- Being prepared to work in a 3 shift system (40 hours a week).
- Good oral and written expression skills in Dutch or English
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