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Atgal į darbuotojų sąrašą
Pardavimo vadybininkas (-ė)
Highly qualified and tenacious professional armed with broad-based background and skills in the areas of Sales Management and Project Management. Displays outstanding ability to plan, coordinate, and implement practices and procedures to bring significant improvements in efficiency, quality and processes towards the successful attainment of organization goals. Primarily striving to understand clients’ needs and provide them exceptional results through a cognitively flexible and positive approach. Determined to implement earned skills and knowledge for the rapid growth of the prospective organization by working effectively and consistently
• Quality Assurance
• Computer Application
• Document Review
• Analytical Skills
• Good Time Management • Communication and Presentation Skills
• Training and Professional Development
• Risk analysis and project planning
• Multitasking
• Problem Solving
1200 (Atlyginimas į rankas)