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Gamybos inžinierius (-ė)
I am a recent graduate with a Master Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Lithuania.
In these two-years course, I have received a good knowledge on the both technical and management fields. I have studied the subjects like Industrial Production and Maintenance, Quality and Project management, Productivity management which constitutes core of my studies. I have good knowledge of computers and good command over MS Excel and MS word. I am a native English speaker and Beginner of German language. I also have good knowledge in Digital Marketing domain as I have completed the course of Digital Marketing.
I believe that I can be the part of the team, I understand the domain of Mechanical and also management activities and I can give good contribution. I am looking forward to become a part of such an organization, wherein I will get the chance to utilize my knowledge and would get the adequate chances to brush my natural skills and abilities as well as gather real-time experience by executing the fundamentals and principles that I learnt during my course.
I appreciate your time and consideration.
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