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Atgal į darbuotojų sąrašą
Buhalteris (-ė)
I graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics and Finance.
Specialty Economic Informatics.
I have a very successful work experience as a chief accountant (since 1990 year).
I have worked in wholesale and retail trade for over 15 years. I have good experience in export and import. Studied a seminar “Electronic commerce in the EU. VAT obligations from 01.07.2021”.
I always on time submit all report to the tax office and other government institutions.
I have been repeatedly inspected and well-regarded by state institutions.
I regularly attend seminars, are interested in innovations and update my knowledge.
I quickly grasp new knowledge.
I make Balance sheet, a profit and loss statement every momth.
Every day I know the quality of goods in stock, and also debts of buyers and debts of the company to suppliers.
Also I would like to analyze accounting or economic data. That is, the work of an analyst. I have deeply studied management by the course of auditors of the company "Paciolis".
I would like to draw up a firm's budget, analyze the firm's performance: which field of activity is profitable, which goods or services are beneficial.
I do the work of the chief accountant and also I do the following :
1.Cash flow report
2. Consolidated financial statement
3. Profit and loss statement analytics
4. Preparation of the annual budget, control of budget implementation and deviations
5. Pricing analytics
6.Preparation of periodic activity reports of the company and divisions
7.Product cost and profitability analysis
I have excellent comuter skills. MS ACCESS 2016, Power BI (M language, DAX), EXCEL VBA.
EXCEL FUNCTIIONS, Power Pivot, Power Point, Power Query.
And I have experience with Rivile, Agnum, Stekas, Euroskaita.
I speak Lithuanian, Russian and English.
I can provide any financial statements in English and Lithuanian, as well as in these languages I can provide analytical reports with a detailed commentary.
I would like to work remotely.
I check e-mail every day and answer in detail all the questions of the employer.
I am very hardworking, polite.
Vilnius, mobil. (8641)-12-057
100 (Atlyginimas į rankas)